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For the safest chimney practices, you should always inspect your chimney once a year. With our state-of-the-art chim-scan capabilities, you can know for sure whether your chimney poses a threat to your home and if it is due for a cleaning.

After having our team inspect your chimney, you'll receive a clear, honest answer regarding its condition. We'll tell you if it's safe or not and what you need to do to get it safe. You'll never receive an exaggerated answer, and you'll never be told to do more than you need to.

Nothing will get past our camera

When your chimney is inspected, we'll use Chim-Scan technology to identify any visible problems. Chim-Scan is a  video camera that can travel throughout the length of a chimney flue. The camera's video feed is displayed on a computer, enabling us to determine if your system is safe to operate. With this powerful tool, nothing will go unnoticed in your chimney and you'll know whether it's safe to use.

What do I do moving forward?

If you receive a chimney inspection and your chimney passes, then it's safe for you to use. However, if your chimney is deemed unsafe to use, we will discuss all of the options available for you to make an informed decision on what it will take get your system safely operating again.

Guarantee your chimney's safety with a quality inspection

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