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How does my damaged damper affect me?

A damaged damper can ruin your full fireplace experience, or even end it altogether by leaking energy, inviting unwanted guests into your home, or through blocking the rest of your chimney flue. However, your damper can be restored back to its working condition, and you can enjoy your fireplace once again by leaning on our expertise.

Your chimney's dampers work as a barrier between your home and the outside world within or outside of your chimney. When you have a fire going, your damper is open to let the heat rise through the flue. When you're not using your fireplace, the damper is closed to keep in your home's heat (or cool air during summer) and prevent animals from entering and living inside your flue. Because of this, having a defective damper may cause you more than one headache.

Save on energy costs

If your damper is constantly open, you may be losing significant amounts of heat or cool air, an inefficient situation that can drive up your energy bills. With a top sealing damper, you can avoid this situation. Top sealing dampers are located at the very top of your chimney, on the outside. These dampers are sealed tight when shut and have handles that reach down to your fireplace for opening and closing. Caps and screens can be added onto these dampers as well. Top sealing dampers will help you eliminate unnecessary spending.

Avoid unruly pests

If your damper won't shut, you're making yourself vulnerable to wild animals entering and taking up shelter within the structure of your home. You can prevent this from happening by having our team fix your damper right away. Our top sealing dampers will be able to protect you and your home from future pest invasions.

Repair your damper and get the most out of your fireplace

Manufacturer warranties honored

We honor all manufacturer warranties for top sealing dampers. Through our service, you'll be able to enjoy your new damper for the rest of your life!

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